Bungalow Style Home


One of the more popular home styles in Atlanta is the Bungalow.  Bungalows have a lot of character and are very stylish. They are typically one to one and a half stories with a low pitch roof.  The main entry opens directly into the living or family room. Bedrooms are located in the rear or upstairs. Most bungalows have fireplaces located in the living area or some central location in the home. Large front porches are a great feature and usually used as another option for gathering and entertaining. Their exterior siding can be composed of shingles, brick, or stucco.


Bungalows can be quite affordable while offering lots of character. They appeal to many people because of the open floor plan and the majority of living space is all on one level. This home style is very popular in urban settings and areas that may have building height requirements.


Bungalows will continue to be one of Atlanta’s favorite choice of homes styles.  Take a stroll around Atlanta’s Beltline and notice all the beautiful Bungalow homes